What is the little red book?

The little red book is a little know secret among those who know me best and those they have told.

I write erotic fiction.

Fantasy stories about men and women in the act of love making.

Some based in reality, but fictionalized. Some based on daydreams, night dreams, some just pure random ramblings in my head as that sexy someone walks by me at the market.

I don’t put names in my stories. Not even made up names.

I don’t take requests.

What I do is pour out my more lustful ideas on to paper, or in this case, on keyboard to entice, to inspire, and to well lets be honest…release.

If these stories offend, I’m truly sorry. They are meant to be playful not harmful.

I don’t recommend anyone under 18 be on my site. I have attempted to put safe guards in ┬áplace. I have no idea if I did it right.

I just want to share my work.

I do for the written word what porn does for picture and video, only you can imagine yourself in the roles I create because there are no images to restrain the fantasies.

I hope you enjoy, please if you haven’t already, see the disclaimer post.

Happy Reading.

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