He works hard: Finale

….(picking up where we left off)…

A few strokes of your fingers, to both tease me and assure your aim. Then a single growling command.  “Beg.”

The intensity of my desire was beyond words. I was dripping wet with hot readiness. I didn’t just want you inside me, I needed you to be. Breathlessly I managed to whisper, “Please, please, God, please.”

And it was you, not God whom answered my lustful prayer. Sliding into my tight, hot, wet center made my back arch in fulfillment. A gasping breath escaped my lips as you drew back to thrust into me again.

As you crashed into me over and over, the passion began to overwhelm me.

My grip on the counter began to slip. Wrapping my legs around your waist I locked my ankles behind your back.

One arm behind my back the other at my ass, you lifted me from the counter top.

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My arms folded around your neck, as I bounced up and down your shaft in a mid-air dance.

You took one step then another toward the door. With a stretch, I grabbed each side of the door jamb, dangling there as you continued to penetrate me, again and again.

“I’m taking you to bed,” you firmly declared between teasing mouthfuls of my breasts.

I released my grip from the door jamb, to fold my arms back around your neck, allowing you to carry me the remaining 15 feet from the master bath to our neatly made queen sized bed.

Gently you placed me on the covers, withdrawing in the process, making me whimper.

“I know” you whispered. “I know, but the night is just getting started.”

Your hands caressed my thighs before spreading my legs. Positioning your shoulders beneath my knees, you teased me with fuzzy kisses, tickling me with your goatee. Then a jolt, as a warm tongue grazed my clit.

My hips shifted uncontrollably, as you licked, sucked, and separated the folds of my flower with your tongue. Soon a finger slid inside me, back and forth drawing more wetness to the surface. Wiggles, and whimpers of pleasure over took me.

I called out your name hoping to prompt a finishing stoke. Instead you stopped your lustful snacking and began kissing your way from my stomach to my breasts.

Nibbling, tasting, keeping one hand below, to continue dipping its fingers into my juicy center. The other hand cupping, squeezing, teasing whichever breast wasn’t currently in your mouth.

My lips parted in breathless panting, my body wriggling beneath you, again I begged. First in my mind, but I soon found the willpower to form words.

“Please, I need you, Please.”

Removing both hands from their previous tasks, you used them to crawl further up the bed. Feeling your body slide between my thighs almost distracted me from the kisses on my collar-bone, and neck.

Hovering over me, your cock teasing at my center, you grinned evilly, in that boyish way you do when you are up to no good.

“Is it torture?” You kid.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Do you want me?” You teased.

“Yes” I whimpered.

“Do you need me?”

“God, yes.” I began to plead.

“Tell me,” you whispered in my ear, your body pressed against mine. “Tell me you love me. Tell me how much you want me?”

“Make love to me.” My voice sounded at the breaking point between begging and demanding. “Please, I do need you, NOW. Let me love you , PLEASE.”

The desire inside, now so strong I could barely contain it. My mind reeling, screaming thoughts at me so loudly I was sure you could hear them.

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Mount me, ride me, fuck me, love me but please do it now. Take me, don’t wait, take me, all of me. The voice in my head pleaded.

Still you teased me. Finally the need for you surpassed all reason. With a jolt of force, I buckled your knees with my ankles, pushed you up and then over. As you fell backward on to the bed, your feet on the floor everything above your thighs on soft covers, I came to rest above you.

With a shift of my hips, I had you positioned. Tip ready for entry, you grabbed my hips and lowered me down your pole.

Silky flesh on flesh, as you repeated, grinding me against your waist before lifting me up and pulling me down again. Your hands released my hips only to interlace fingers with mine, letting me have control of my own pace.

A bounce, a slide, a grind. My panting breath increasing in speed along with my hips.

Releasing my hands, you wrapped me up in a warm embrace, and with a hungry force rolled me over.

Switching position, after position, exchanging kisses, looks, and moans. Ravishing each other again and again, until we were to tired and dehydrated to move.

Laying beside you, in sweat covered exhaustion,  I turned to you with a giggle and a whisper.

“Hey, lover? I think we need another shower”

~The Beginning~

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