He works hard..part 2

…(picking up where we left off)….

A whimper of longing escapes my lips. You respond with every fiery and frustrated muscle flexing as you press against me. The deep growl in your voice sets me ablaze as you whisper, “NOT YET.”

Freeing my hands to turn off the water, you turn to look at me, with a fierce hunger blazing out from behind your usual cool blue eyes.

Ripping back the shower curtain you stepped out, grabbing a towel from the bar on the wall. Stretching out your hand as if to offer it to me, I grabbed the end only to find it a terry cloth leash.

With a yank, I came off the wall, crashing into your body.

Looking up into your gaze, I traded a handful of towel for a handful of your steadily hardening shaft.  Lowering myself before you, I came to rest on my knees atop the soft bath mat.

Never breaking our eyes locked gaze, my hand stroked you gently. Leaning in, I kissed the tip, and watched you took a slow deep jagged breath.

“May I?”

I asked softly before kissing the tender flesh of you rod, as in tightened slowly in my grip. A nod and a growl gave me my answer.

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My left arm, wrapped around your thigh, pulling you closer. Shifting my wrist to grant me access, I took one ball into my mouth, gently sucking, and teasing with my tongue before releasing it for the other.

Then extending my tongue I licked you from base to tip, circling the peak before letting it slide deep into my mouth.

My left arm still holding you close, my right hand loosely ringed at its base, my lips slid back and forth along the increasing length of your cock. My tongue massaging as my lips hold suction.

I took you in deeper and deeper, letting you feel every second of my feast.

Sliding you in and then out again, running my slightly parted lips across the tip before plunging it back toward my tonsils.

Increasing my speed, faster and faster, feeling you tremble as your knees weaken with on coming ecstasy.

Deeper, faster. Your right hand grabbed my hair, your left grabbed the counter top.

Over and over, your now rock hard member probes my mouth. Now both hand in my hair, holding my head firmly in place as you thrust yourself at generous speed into my warm wet mouth.

Then without warning you withdrew.

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Pulling me to my feet, your breathing heavy, your body shaking with desire. The passionate fire in your eyes, replaced by a ravenous need.

Your hands grabbed my waist and lifted me to the sink top. I barely managed to grab the towel bar and the edge of the counter top, before you pushed my knees apart to position yourself between them.

A few strokes of your fingers, to both tease me and assure your aim. Then a single growling command.  “Beg.”

….(To Be Continued) Short cut to part one.. click here

Short cut to part 3 .. click here

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