She needs spoiling Pt2

…(Picking up where we left off)..

“OK,” I replied. “Strip tag, and you’re it.”

“Then I suppose you better start running,” you said rising to your feet. Slipping and sliding in my socks, I took off down the wooden floored hallway toward the kitchen. In my head, I was weighing the options on whether to make the game easy for you, or truly make you work for it.

To be honest, I wanted to get caught. The look you get when you’re winning at any game, is well worth letting you have the bragging rights.

Into the kitchen, I shuffled. Sliding past the sink and dishwasher to the far side of the island. I grabbed the counter to keep from falling. Running in just after me, you stopped at the opposite end of the island to see which way I’d go next.

I shifted from left to right, watching you shadowing my movements in a hunters dance. Your eyes hungry for the thrill of catching your prey.

Breaking away from the island toward the fridge, I began to slip again this time falling was inevitable. As I began to go down, your arms grabbed me from behind, pulling me safely up, and holding me against your chest.

I wrapped my arms over yours, thankful my back was against your warm body instead of a cold tile floor.

Feeling your breath against my neck, you whispered in my ear. “Balance, not your strong suit tonight, is it.”

“Well,” I  answered, ” you caught me, oh mighty hunter, so claim your prize.”


“Gimme that shirt.” You said as you slipped your arms out from under mine.

Your hands grazed my sides as you slowly lifted the shirt past my hips and above my stomach. Goosebumps, as my arms rose in the air for you to remove it completely.

Casting the shirt to the floor, you admire me for a moment, standing in a cool kitchen, in not but my bra, socks and panties.

Still behind me, you wrapped your left arm around my chest, letting your hand slide the distance slowly, grazing my breasts with your thumb.

Your right hand grabbed my hip, pulling me against you, before it began to slide across my waist, fingertips just below the elastic band of my panty line.

“Enough games, ” you growled in a desirable tone. “I missed you today.”

” I missed you too.” I said as your hand began exploring further beneath the white cotton.

Reaching backward, I grabbed the front pockets of your jeans and pulled my ass as close to you as I could.

Your fingers began teasing my clit, making my hips circle in pleasure. Your left arm playing double duty, as it held me firmly in place but also allowed you to cup and tease my right breast.

A jagged pleasure sigh escaped my lips as warm kisses trailed down my neck to my collar-bone. Then a wave of pure passionate heat hit, as your fingers abandoned their teasing to dive into my moist center.

“We aren’t going to make it to bed.” You stated, matter of factually in my ear. ” You have me so ready right now, I’m thinking this island counter top looks pretty inviting.”

Sure enough the more your fingers penetrated my core the wetter I became. The wetter I got the more my hips instinctively rubbed against you. The more my ass rubbed against your jeans, the tighter those jeans became against your ever rising manhood.

“Right here?” I asked breathlessly. “Right now?”

“I want to taste you first.” You said as you recalled your right hand from its southern exploration. Putting a finger to your lips, you licked it gently and said, “oh yeah, definitely snack time.”

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Before I could protest, not that I would have, you had me in the air and plopped up on the island counter top.

“Kitchens are for eating.” I giggled as you pushed my shoulders back to have me lounge in front of you.

“And eat I shall.” You said as you began to kiss a trail from my chest to my belly button.

Sliding my ass to the very end of the counter, you then slid my panties down my legs and to the floor.  Taking my knees up over your forearms, with a stretch they were on your shoulders, my ass lifted into the air and my shoulders pressed against the marble counter.

Like a beast you devoured me, licking sucking, nibbling, taking in every bit of my juiciness. My breathing shallow, body trembling, every inch of me wanting, no, needing.

” Am I  that tasty?” I managed to ask between giggles and moans of pleasure.

A muffled, “Mmm, indeed.” Your reply.

“I don’t believe you.” I said, voice trembling almost as much as the rest of me, as I fought the urge to cum.

A finger dove inside me to try to push me over the edge, and still I resisted.

Breaking your face away from its buffet, you asked, “Want some?”

Putting that same finger to my lips I took it into my mouth teasing it with my tongue, sucking the sticky sweetness of my own juices from it.

“OK, so I taste good on your finger,” I admitted. “But I bet I taste better on your lips.”

Putting my legs down you pressed yourself between them. “Let’s find out.”  You replied, taking your hand to the back of my neck and lifting my head to yours for a passionate kiss.

It was more than a kiss, it was a mating of the mouths. Our tongues danced, our bodies fighting the laws of science to get closer.

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One hand still at my neck keeping me locked into a kiss, the other sliding across my back. Then a pop, and the clasp of my bra released. The hand then slid down to pull my hips even closer to yours, as my hand fought to release your zipper.

(Continued in part 3… to return to part one click here…..

for a short cut to part 3 click here)

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