She needs spoiling: The finale

…(where were we..oh yes I remember)….

One hand still at my neck keeping me locked into a kiss, the other sliding across my back. Then a pop, and the clasp of my bra released. The hand then slid down to pull my hips even closer to yours, as my hand fought to release your zipper.

Breaking the kiss you, freed yourself from the denim imprisoning your now fully erect shaft. “Told you we wouldn’t make it to bed.” The counters height made aim a snap.

I whimpered as I felt the tip graze the delicate folds of my flower.

“Hold on tight, my love.” You said as you took hold of my hips and slid as far and deep into me as you had ever been.

Scooping me into your arms, you held me against you as you used your legs for sheer driving power. Slow deep thrusts, over and over, making me drunk with the sheer erotic power you were displaying.

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“Fine, no bed. How about the sofa?” I asked between your deep body filling thrusts.

“You deserve something soft to lay back on, so I’ll get you something” With that you lifted me, and still deep inside me, you carried me back into the hall.

Bouncing off one wall then the other, pictures falling, jackets sliding from their coat hooks as we ravaged each other. Hands grabbing and groping, kisses, and panting, all with you inside me thrusting your desire into me again and again.

As we entered the living room, I started to believe even making it to the sofa was asking a bit much, hell I would  let you have me anywhere. There on the floor, I thought as we continued toward the nearest piece of furniture. No, there on the chair, where our evening started.

Finally the soft touch of a cushion under my ass, “Your sofa, m’lady”.

Pulling out you bowed and said ” I am at your service m’lady..m’love. How may I continue to pleasure you this evening?”

Pulling you down to me with the white tank top you still managed to be wearing, I whispered. “Make love to me. Strong, hard, slow, easy. I don’t care how many times or how many ways. But make love to me. I want to pass out from sheer sexual exhaustion. I want to feel you, in every way possible.”

Gazing deep into your eyes, I spoke your name, followed by a simple “I love you.”

“As you wish.” Was your reply followed by a heartfelt “I love you too.”

Soft touches, tickled my skin as you took it back down a notch to slow and steady love-making.

In my mind, repeated echoes of “oh yes, please, please touch me again.”

Inside me once more we hit a rhythm, seductive, yet perfectly passionate rhythm that pushed me closer and closer to that purely love drunk moment. My head spinning, my inhibitions lowered.  I could feel it welling up for ultimate release.

“Together?” You whispered as you too were nearing that final point.

“Yes, together.” I said as you quickened your pace to push us both past the last bits of resistance.

My nails ran down your back, your arms pulled me into your body as close as you could get me, and with a few final thrusts we trembled and moaned in unison. Releasing together in sweet orgasm.

As we gained our senses back you asked, “Wanna try to make it to bed next time?”

“Can I help it if you enjoy spoiling me?” I bantered back.

” I do, and I will always.”


Thank you for reading.

If you would like to return to part one click here. To return to part 2 click here.

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