Reader Participation

After my first two installments I am happily surprised at the number of views, and distance my little red book is reaching.  I expected some of you to like my work, I expected some of you to shy away from it. However to have readers from Eleven different countries after less than a week of publishing Part one of my first story? That is amazing to me.

To better serve you all in the future, I was hoping you might answer a few questions for me.

Please feel free to leave comments below and allow me to ask you…

  1. When reading these stories, were you able to imagine yourself in them?
  2. Did you feel a part of the events unfolding?
  3. Did you feel limited, in the experience?
  4. How would you feel about the following topic:
  • Co-workers hidden affair
  • The other woman, stealing a man in need of rescue
  • Lesbian affairs, and threesome/orgies
  • Domination with a male in charge
  • Domination with a female in charge

I don’t expect a favorable response to all these topics of course, But I have stories featuring all of them and want to know what you would like to see.

Please be respectful, about your comments.. but please feel free to leave one giving me your insight.  The next story will be posted by the weekend.

Happy Reading. (And Thank you)

*To shy to leave a comment? Use the contact page to submit your thoughts to me privately. Just click here.

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