Unlikely, yet Perfect Pt 2

….(continued from our last encounter)…

“I thank you, kind sir.” I said tucking the money in my bra for safe keeping.

“Well earned, m’lady.” you replied backing away from the counter top to help me down.

Before I could walk away, you grabbed my arm. “walk with me, a minute.” You whispered as you ushered me toward the back door.

“We’ve always been, tight, right? ” You asked already knowing the answer.

“What’s wrong?” I ask, concerned. “You only ask how good our friendship is when something’s up.”

“That’s precisely the problem.” You stated motioning toward your waist.

“Oh, I see.” And I did. There was no mistaking your condition, even through baggy jeans, and a pulled out shirt.

“I can’t close like this. Hell, I can’t walk back in there like this.” You confess as we round the side of the building.

“Need me to cover for you, while you rub one out? Because you know I will.” I tease trying not to show pride in the fact our false encounter left you in such a state.

“No, that could take too long. I have to be in the moment to pull one-off that fast.” You admit, blushing, and unlocking the boiler room door.

“Well,” I question myself before finishing,”I did once give you an open invitation. I just don’t think you’re ready to take me up on it. I’m not positive you would want us taking that route.”

“Why,why wouldn’t I? After all it’s those hips of yours that did this to me. I think it’s only right that I ask you to remedy the situation.” You counter.

“As your friend, I’ll be honest, I think you are still hung up on, her. And I kind of think you’re afraid of me. Or to be more accurate afraid you might fall in love with me.”

You had a hit the nail on the head, type of look on your face, but your words came out determined as ever to prove me wrong. ” We will set rules then,” You stated firmly. “We are friends, and this will be a one time thing, you helping your friend in an emergency situation. When we leave this room instant amnesia. Never happened and we go right back to the way things were. Deal?”

“If you say so,” I said with a come hither glance. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Grabbing you by the belt, I pull you closer. Loosening the tight leather from its hold on your jeans, I begin working on the clasp and zipper.

“Kiss me again, like you did inside.” You whisper.

Complying willingly, I tilt my head to meet your lips. This kiss was different. Passion, Hunger, Fire, all thoughts of love and lust circled through my mind as our mouths merged and our tongues danced in their own joyous celebration.

The seconds that passed felt longer as if time itself was slowing just for us. Reality did not creep back in until the unmistakable sound of your zipper parting echoed off the concrete walls.

Our lips parted giving way to excited, bursts of heavy breathing.

With ease, I free your erection from its denim prison . Stroking it gently I begin to kneel in front of you when your hand stops me.

Confused, I look up at you. You said you were in a hurry and yet you halted my attempt to relieve you in the quickest fashion.

“If we only get this one time, and I can only enjoy you once, as more than the friend I have always known you to be, then I want all of you. I want those hips against me like they were earlier. I want to look into your eyes and watch your expressions change from lust, to passion, to orgasm. ”

How could I deny such a request? In truth I has wondered if you were everything I imagined you’d be. So to satisfy your wish I began to unbuckle my own belt.

Eyeing my every movement like a starving man at a buffet table, you stroked yourself as I slipped out of my jeans.

Surveying the small cluttered space, I found the best possible location to give you everything you desired, all that was left was to get you into position.

Backing you up slowly, adjusting direction, yet masking my movements and purpose, with sweet kisses, and gentle strokes of my soft hands against your hard cock. Soon you realized you were back to the metal roof access ladder.

Shooting me a slight look of concern, I replied.”Just trust me.”

Up on the tips of my toes to kiss you again, My hands rub gently up your chest to your shoulders. Then like feathers my finger tips run along your collar bones.

Leaving one hand at the back of your neck the other runs through your hair, all the while, never breaking the deep passion of your kiss.

With a stretch, both hands set to their true purpose, grabbing the ladder rung just above your head. Releasing your mouth, I whisper in your ear, ” Are you sure that you’re ready?”

“Yes, yes I’m sure.” You reply faintly touching the small of my back.

With a hop, and a pull of the ladder rung, I lift myself up, and wrap my legs around you, hooking my heels on the ladders sides behind you. Relaxing my hold a bit to give you room, you smile in amazement.

With the challenge or having to support my weight taken out of the equation, you take my waist in both hands. “You are full of surprises today aren’t you?” You ask as one hand begins to wander, along my hip then over my ass.

“You haven’t seen the half of it yet.” I grin as your hand continues its journey to the back of my thigh, the inward to the warm wet center you had been craving.

A dip of a finger, a stroke of your cock, and a lowering of my hips, had you positioned, aimed and ready.

“What was it you said during our performance  earlier?” I paused to think for a second. “Oh yes it was something like..I’ve waited too long to know how good we’d be together.”

With that you pushed down on my hips, entering, and filling me fully and completely. the feeling stole my breath, even my thoughts halted. It was like the feel of a hand sliding into a custom tailored glove, a perfect fit.

“I believe,” you began to say as effected by the feeling of our unique match as I was. “I believe I also said, Right here. Right now.”


…(to be continued in part 3 )….


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