Unlikely, yet Perfect

“Losing your virginity is unique, and rarely enjoyable. But making love for the first time, or realizing you are making love for the first time is always magical.”

Men that make it to their late twenties, some as late as their early forties, believe they have done it all in bed. Especially when a large portion of their sex having years are spent with the same woman.

They spend years trying new things that may or may not enhance the experience to please another, and most men figure, at some point, they have exhausted every form of the sexual arts that they are willing to explore. With this misguided belief, men such as you, figure no one else will ever be able to please them like the woman at their side, and like you, they settle.

Then one day, things change. She gets restless, or bored. Or you get restless and find her boring. One of you goes on a trip without the other, or walks away from the relationship, cheats, or heaven forbid dies. And if the absent party happens to be the female, there you are left wondering if anyone will ever fulfill you the way she did.

That my dear, is when you will come to me. As a friend whom you’ve never seen as anything but, in search of answers to questions you don’t know how to pose. And in need of sustenance to ease a hunger you can’t describe. It will happen like magic, and that distant someday is where this story begins.

Having been on your own for a while, with nothing and no one but your friends from work, the guys had started appealing to your competitive nature to half-ease your solitude and find you a hook up.

Nearing the end of a shift, a dare is laid down with a back up of a $400 wager that you won’t succeed. The dare, to convincingly seduce a female co-worker. The tricky part, making it believable, with a participant that won’t turn around and report you for harassment.

Luckily, you have me. Knowing what a good friend I have been to you for the years we have known one another, you have no doubt that I would understand. But, you are also pretty sure I’ll play along if offered a cut of your winnings.

As I walk to the soda machine you approach me, making sure we are in full view of those whom need to bear witness. You place a hand at my waist, another touches my face.

“One-hundred if you play along, two if it’s believable.” You whisper.

A grin, “Do you want gossip starting? or You Tube worthy?”I ask in hushed tones.

“Give me all you got.” You reply leaning in to kiss me.

Meeting your lips, we kiss once, then again. Withdrawing to look at each and then pulling each other as close as two new lovers for a third, this one much more passionate.

Lifting me up, I wrap my arms and legs around you, and let you back me against the wall.

You plant your face between my breasts pretending to gnaw at them through my shirt as I run my fingers through your hair. A glance behind you, told me your buddies have yet to be convinced.

Whispering as I pretend to kiss your neck, “They aren’t buying it, better turn the heat up a notch.”

I may as well have told you to take me to bed or lose me forever. Because I got a growling “Lets see what they think of this.”

Turning me off the wall, you took a handful of my ass, and the other supported my back.  A few long strides later you took a swipe and cleared the contents of one of the work station counter tops, and sat me up on it.

The gathering crowd shuffled for good seats, as it were, and loud enough to be overheard you stated boldly, ” I’ve waited long enough to find out how good we would be together.”

Pushing my shoulders backward, forcing me to lounge on my elbows, you grab my hips and yank them to your waist. “I don’t intend on waiting any longer.” you growl.

I begin grinding against you in rhythm to the song on the overhead speaker and following your lead I stated, “It’s about damn time, but here on the hard cold stainless steel?”

Leaving over me as if ready to pounce you said, “Right here, Right NOW.”

As you pretended to fiddle with my belt I pull your shirt from its once neatly tucked position. Another passionate kiss later, and we are halted by a tapping on your shoulder.

One of your dare giving colleagues spoke in a surprised yet matter of fact tone. “Dude, before you both get fired, here.” Handing you the agreed upon cash, the adding,”use it to get a room.”

We looked at each other for only a few seconds, before we couldn’t hold in the laughter any longer. In plain sight of the duped bet losers, you fan out your winnings and separate my share.

“I thank you, kind sir.” I said tucking the money in my bra for safe keeping.

“Well earned, m’lady.” you replied backing away from the counter top to help me down.

Before I could walk away, you grabbed my arm. “Walk with me, a minute.” You whispered as you ushered me toward the back door.

……(to be continued)…….

Shortcut to part 2..click here!

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