Unlikely, yet Perfect Part 3

….(as I was saying)

“What was it you said during our performance  earlier?” I paused to think for a second. “Oh yes it was something like..I’ve waited too long to know how good we’d be together.”

With that you pushed down on my hips, entering, and filling me fully and completely. the feeling stole my breath, even my thoughts halted. It was like the feel of a hand sliding into a custom tailored glove, a perfect fit.

“I believe,” you began to say as effected by the feeling of our unique match as I was. “I believe I also said, Right here. Right now.”

Pulling with my arms, using the ladder rungs for leverage, I began at a slow and rhythmic pace. Our bodies slid against each other in the sweltering heat, our passion increasing with the temperature.

Not having to support me, your hands were free to roams as they pleased.  My back, my ass, my breasts, every touch leaving a fire trail, that had my mind begging, please touch me again.

So smoothly we pace with one another, grinding together in sweet satisfaction, never off time, in perfect rhythm, in perfect sync. As if we could read each others minds. You’d thrust as I arched, I pulled up as you backed away to do it again.

Panting, kissing, dancing the sweet unmistakable dance of true passion.

I looked into the eyes I’ve seen a million plus times over the past few years and saw something I had never seen there before, Heat.

Like lightening, the fiery flash was gone, hidden, as you closed your eyes nearing your finishing point.

In my mind a flash of fear.

What was waiting for you behind those eyelids? Do you see me? Do you see her? To ease my suffering I whispered, “Still with me?” never breaking rhythm.

“You were right.” you admitted, short of breath, still hiding those beautiful eyes from my gaze. “I was afraid.”

My heart skipped a few beats, my entire being praying you wouldn’t say you weren’t ready, you weren’t sure.

Gathering my courage, I asked, “Of what? Of me?”

“Of falling in love with you.” You half whispered, slowing your pace.

Adjusting to match you, I realized I was holding my breath, praying you didn’t regret the amazing moment we were currently sharing.

Seeing your eyes open, the fire still in them, inspired me to take a breath. “And are you still? Afraid of me?”

“No, not afraid.” you said pausing “Curious, as to what loving you would mean. What making love to you might be like. If this is casual friendly sex, making love to a woman as giving and responsive as you must be … I don’t know .. I don’t think there is a word for it.”

My mind screamed a silent, thank you. My mouth dying to kiss you, I managed a grin. “So the amnesia thing? The go back to working together as if this never happened thing?”

A thrust of pure strength, sent you deep inside me, and pulled me completely off the ladder. Now suspended by your mercy, completely at your will, I wrapped my arms and legs loosely around you. ” I could never forget this. The way we fit. The way you move. I just have to know.”

Setting me down on a tub of Christmas decorations, being stored for their next usage, you began a slower gentler pace, taking each penetrating thrust as deep and lasting as you could make it.

A whimper involuntarily escaped my lips, the feel of you had me reeling. “Have to know?” I questioned, between jagged trembling breaths. “What are you asking exactly?”

Every part of me from head to heart, from toes to soul, was begging to hear you say it.

A whisper of my name, and my eyes met yours, “Make love to me.”

“Not here,” I whispered back trying to contain the wave of emotion that just washed over me. “If you truly want me, if you really want all of me, the we will need room to enjoy it.  It will have to be somewhere we can do it properly.”

“If I made such arrangements?” you asked still driving me slowly toward the edge of all reason with your slow filling thrusts.

“If love is want you want to feel, I will give you all I have.” I said not realizing entirely what I was saying. “But, they are going to come looking for you soon”, I mumbled getting ever closer to my own point of no return.

“I don’t want to close tonight. I want to stay right here with you. But, I can’t can I?” You asked knowing I was fighting my final moments.

“You have to go back, but there will be a next time, I assume you want a next time.” I say trembling, trying so hard not to give in to that need to finish. “You asked me to fix a particular issue so you could finish your shift. Take what you need of me for that purpose. I will fulfill your other curiosities when we aren’t in such complicated circumstances.”

With a grunt and a tightening of your grip on my hips you increased your speed.  Harder and faster, bringing yourself as close to your breaking point as you could without passing it.

“Even if you have to lie to me, tell me just once, tell me you love me.” You requested at the perfect moment.

Yearning to cum, needing to with every trembling inch of my being I complied. Heartfelt, whether you knew it or not, your name escaped my lips, your full name, before my eyes met yours, “I love you.”

Sweat dripping from your brow, your breath catching in your chest, your hands trembled, and your knees quivered as you took the last few fierce thrusts.  Releasing together in a blissful moment, before you withdrew to rush back to work.

“I will find a way,” You stated as you hurried to find your pants. ” Somehow, someway, I will know what it’s like to have you make love to me.”

Wearing a smile of satisfaction, and still dizzy from a load well spent, I teasingly replied, “Don’t threaten me with a good time.”

All the while watching you scramble for your shoes, and hoping that you would remain the man of your word you’ve always been in the past.

Tucked in, straightened, you headed for the boiler room door. Checking the time on your cell to gauge the lie you may have to make up for your absence, you turned around with your hand on the door knob, and kissed me one more time.

“Stay near by, I will be calling you at closing.” And with that you rushed out, leaving me waiting, wondering, and hungry for more.

The easiest way to stay “near by”, was to pull my car out of our back employee lot, and drive to the main lot in front. From here I could walk to the pub two doors down and spend some money and time rationalizing what had just happened.

(continued soon with part 4….see you then)


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