Unlikely, yet Perfect: Final

(Finally….the conclusion..as a reminder we left off…)

“The rules for making love to me are as follows, first you are not allowed to call me by anything other than my name. ”

Looking confused, “so no honey, baby or dearest?” You ask.

“First name, or first and middle if it’s really getting to you. The reason is, I need to know it’s me. I need to know even when your eyes close, it’s me you are with. I don’t want to be the stand in for some fantasy.”

” I suppose that makes sense now. I can do that. ” You said wrapping an arm around my back to pull me closer. “What else?”

“You have to look me in the eye,” I added gazing into yours. “Whenever the position allows for it.”

Staring back into mine , you added, “I can definitely do that.”

With a tug I pulled you in for a kiss, short and sweet, then a whisper in your ear. “And when you tell me you love me, and you will, I have to feel it.”

Kissing the side of your neck I backed away to meet your gaze again.

Both arms now around me you smiled, and in the sweetest voice I had ever heard your lips release you said my full name followed by “I love you.”

Exiting the shower both of us wrapped in towels we headed toward the professionally made bed.

Backing against the off white coverlet, the fibers teasing the back of my knees, you took me into your arms for one more kiss.  Sweeping me up into your arms afterward to place me gently on the beds pillow-like surface you whispered. “Make love to me.”

With a trembling soft touch, you gently un wrapped the towel from around my still damp body. Gazing into my eyes, as I unwrapped you as well.

That feather soft touch, leaving tingles and goosebumps, from my neck down my arms. Then across my chest pausing for you to kiss and lightly suck on each of my already erect nipples.

Hovering above me, like a specter, you shifted your gaze from your hands movement to my eyes, grinning at the pleasure that is written all over my face.

Between my legs, my core was dripping with molten hot juices, burning to have you inside me again. The tumbleweed of a day coming to a final stop, with you, here, now.

A hand behind each of my thighs, you lifted them gently up and apart to gain full access to my most intimate of areas. With a stroke and a gentle sliding thrust, you slowly fill me.

Flesh on flesh, hot and passionate, like a wave destined to crash upon the shore, our bodies flowed  as one. As we reached the peak of erotic pleasure your eyes changed shades, your breath became erratic and you began to whisper my  name over and over.

My first name leaving your lips made my body tingle. Then my first and middle as your thrusts became faster, harder, deeper. As you neared the final moments my full name became the breath that both entered and exited, giving you new energy for another thrust.

“I love you,” intertwined with my full name as you began to tremble. Your full name followed by “I love you, ” as my body responded in your readiness to climax.

As the first wave of release washed over you, you gazed into my eyes again. Your hot seed sipping into me, you said it again, “I love you,” only this time as my name left your lips I found it wasn’t truly mine.

In a Freudian slip up you combined my first and middle with your own last name. As surprising as I found it I couldn’t help but enjoy the sound. “Say it again.” I whispered.

Realizing what you had said, but not seeming to care the new name left your lips again.

Collapsing together, both well spent. We shared a breathless kiss.

“Was it what you imagined?”  I asked.

“No, it was better.”



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