Rumor has it.

Rumors fly in a small knit group of coworkers. This guy has a large ego, this one a larger cock. This girl sleeps with anyone, that one wouldn’t spread her legs for the second coming.

It all comes back to the discretion of the listener. Are you a spreader or a disbeliever? Do you blindly believe? Do you actively seek the truth? Are you the confidant or the tattle-tale? Or do you let it roll off your back as the scuttlebutt that it is?

I’m normally the let it roll in one ear at the other sort, I don’t put much faith in the blind ramblings of the masses but the latest set of chatter had me intrigued. Rumor had it you were single again. According to the masses of hushed and huddled whisperers she left you brokenhearted and alone.

This both piqued my curiosity, and saddened me some. For the last few years it had been a dream of my to find love like that. What you had with her was the kind of relationship men write movies about and women pray really exists. If it was really over between the two of you every inch of my romantic being had to know why.

I’m not a spread the bile, kind of person. When a rumor such as this one surfaces I go straight to the person involved and ask directly. I’m a truth seeker.

“Is it true?” I asked, shutting the door to your office behind me.  “It is none of my business, I know that and you can tell me to leave it alone, but first just tell me is it true?”

One look, shot at me from over top the mountain of paperwork in front of your computer, told me all I needed to know.  Your eyes were tired and swollen from holding back tears, and not sleeping. Your nose a tint rosy from sniffing back the stuffy side effects of tearing up.  You had , blindsided by love lost, written all over your face.

“I don’t really know what happened.”  You admitted through a voice meaker than that bold tone I’d become accustom too. “I apparently talk in my sleep, and dream about people who aren’t her, and she told me that subconsciously I am in love with someone else. She wasn’t going to prolong the inevitable. I don’t have the foggiest clue what she’s talking about.  I’m sure I dream.  Science says almost everyone does, But I don’t remember my dreams.”

“Did she offer you proof, or tell you anything at all? Or was it solely based on you talking in your sleep? ” I asked sliding into the chair opposite you. My head spinning in disbelief that anyone could give such a reason for leaving the perfect relationship.

“She recorded me last night. I don’t have the heart to watch it though. I’m afraid of what I might have said, or even worse of finding out that maybe she was right. I mean what if on a subconscious level, I am in love with someone else? What do I do with that information? If consciously I don’t think of anyone but her that way, what do I pursue this other person to see if there is really something there?”

After a minute to ponder the ramifications of my response, I answered. ” I suppose that depends. Do you want to be in love? Do you want that feeling in your life? Are you that afraid of who your inner self, your true self may think is better for you?”

“I love being loved, but yes I am afraid. what if this person is taken? What if it’s a co-worker? What if it’s a friend? I mean what if, and just what if it’s you? You know more about me than anyone here, we have an irreplaceable friendship. If my inner self finds you a better match do we risk the friendship that both of us have come to rely on for the sleep ramblings that caused her to leave?”

“The only way to know for sure what you should do is watch the video. It may have been nothing more than a dream about helping someone move and you say a name. In which case she just wanted an excuse to leave you.  Or you could have had a sex dream about someone in your life because you see them more than you see her. In which case she overreacted, but could be understood in mistaking the happening for something it wasn’t.”

“Or?” You interrupted.

“Or you could have really truly had the full on I’m in love dream. In which case it is better to know than not know don’t you think?” I posed the question hoping you would agree and retreat somewhere to watch in private, to decide for yourself what you wanted from the images and sounds recorded.

My hope was short-lived. As the eyes that had always been so confident and sure, turned to me begging and scared. “Watch it with me?”

The words no sooner left your lips then my heart dropped. We were friends, we were co-workers, we never crossed the lines that divided those truths. I had no desire to see you asleep beside another woman. I had no interest in any name that could escape your lips in your sleep, save one. Mine.

Unfortunately I had one major flaw where you were concerned.  I never could say no to you. “Ok, but if the sheets come off I’m done.”


Shortcut to part two.


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