Rumor has it Pt3

(as I was saying) …

But I was the work wife. The one who cleaned your office, not your kitchen. The woman making your appointments not turning down your sheets. I had a part of you, the work you, the hyper, stressed, ready to explode at stupidity you. The relaxed, playful, loving you was a man I didn’t know. He belonged to her.

The most physical contact we had ever shared was not but twenty minutes ago, as you held my hand dragging me down to view that damn video.

The sound of your voice saying my name so sweetly, even in sleep, brought back memories of my first year working with you. Back then the sun rose and set on your smile.

After a year of seeing you bend in knots to please her, I gave up hope of being anything more than a business buddy, a work wife, a friend from the office.

Standing outside the car pacing I looked like a nervous child about to sit down to their first job interview. And it wasn’t long before my abrupt departure and nervous behavior gave you cause for alarm.

Before I could snap myself out of my head and back to reality, your arms did it for me.  Reaching around me, encompassing me with warmth you asked in a half whisper,”You ok?”

Managing to choke back the flood of emotion and self-denial about the goosebumps left by your touch, I let out a meek , “I’m fine.”

“I fast forwarded through the other two nights of video.” you whispered in my ear. ” every night, every dream, you are in them all.”

Cutting my eyes to the side, I could see your crooked smile. As if you had secretly hoped for this outcome.

Holding me from behind, you pulled my against you. “At least I know I’m not crazy, and there was apparently more than enough cause for her to be upset.”  Your embrace tightened, your hands sprawled out against my chest and stomach. I could feel your desire swelling in your khakis as they pressed against my ass.

Not knowing how to react other than to accept the pleasure your closeness brought me, I allowed your embrace, welcomed your soft kiss against my neck, and permitted the wandering of your hands.

In the back of my mind I could already hear the wheels of the rumor mill grinding. The whispers, snickers, and giggles of our co-workers echoing in my mind. So I asked the only question that made sense. “What do we do now?”

“There is only one thing to do,” you said trying to comfort me. “Kiss me, lets see if this fantasy of my dream world has any basis in this one.”

A kiss? Why not, after all, I thought according to everyone we work with, I’m already doing much more deprived things with you. I twisted around to face you, your arms still holding me.  Wrapped my arms around your neck, and boosted my height by standing on tip toes you reach your lips.

Soft and warm lips, they tasted like the candy I alone knew you kept hidden in your desk drawer. Your embrace tightened around me, a hand slid up my back to the nape of my neck, the other to my waist, pulling my hips toward you.  Your ever enlarging happiness, pressed against my thigh like a throbbing hot pipe that wanted to burn through your khakis.

As I enjoyed the storm like intensity of your touch, the lightning like fire in your kiss, I pondered the ramifications of telling you the truth. Should I risk the euphoria of this moment by telling you what sat on the tip of my otherwise engaged tongue. Did you need to know, That I dreamt of you too?

As our lips parted, reality sank in, like a cinderblock in a swimming pool. We are still at work, on the clock, with-in full view of the windows, and two parking lots. But, more so than that, you are my boss.

If we had been seen, all of my credibility in the office would disappear in a whirl wind of whispers and snickers. And yet, through the panic, there was the taste of you on my lips. There was the safety, and belonging I found in your embrace.

My mind began to calm, but the silence was deafening.

Then like the shattering of glass, the silence was broken with five words I will never forget.  “It’s true, I love you.”

My heart felt as though it had learned to beat for the first time. Hearing you say you love me, washed away all the fear of the gossip mongering, made their talk seem funny rather than scary.

Returning your affections, I laid my head against your chest. “I love you too.”

“How long have we been gone? Do you think Dumbass has lost his mind yet?”

Glancing at my phone for the time, my mind envisioned  the complete chaos that could await us when we returned to the office floor. “I’ll head in and start damage control.”

“Do you think the harpies have enough to talk about now?  You grinned glancing up toward the office windows.

“As long as we’ve been gone I’m sure we are half-way to Vegas, running away together, or fucking like rabbits in the janitor’s closet by now.” I said jokingly.

“Nah, Hawaii. Much rather take you to Hawaii. And, never in the Janitors closet. The elevator, my office, maybe even the roof, but never the janitor’s closet.” You joked back.

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