Anger Management: Finale

(To finish this..)

As we pulled into the driveway the silence broke with a sarcastic but stern, ” Can I trust you to come inside without issue, or do I have to carry you in?”

“I have two legs, I can walk.” I said in bitter tone.

As the door closed behind us, you wasted no time in laying down your version of the law. “What the hell were you thinking? I understand dropping the dumb-ass that laid his hands on you, but picking fights in the parking lot? Really?”

Not able to resist the nudge toward confrontation in my current state, I yelled back. “Stupidity is an epidemic that spreads due to tolerance. And my play nice with others button is broken, so unless you want to go a few rounds I suggest you back off too.”

“You want to take it out on me fine, but don’t catch fucking charges because some bitch doesn’t understand you. Cause I don’t care how good the sex is, I’ll leave you in jail.” You yelled back.

Unable to control my self I rushed toward you hand raised ready to smack the thought of leaving me out of your head, All the while my heart screaming “What the hell are you doing.”

You grabbed my hand in mid-air and pushed me against the wall.  Pinning that arm above my head you grabbed my throat with your free hand, and leaned in against me as your grip tightened. “I love you, you crazy bitch.” You said grip still tightening, your body as tight against mine as it could get with our clothes on.

“Fuck you,” I said gasping for air, aroused and still pissed off. “Better yet, fuck me.”

Releasing your hold on my throat you tore at the buttons on my shirt. The popping sound they made as they broke away and fell to the floor only fueled the need for you to take me.

“You want me to fuck the anger out of you? Fine. I’ll fuck you. I’ll fuck the shit out of you, until you break down begging for me to hold you.”

Pulling your hips toward me by your belt loops I could feel your cock hardening, it pushed against your pants like a beast ready to be free of its cage. That’s what I needed, a beast a savage knock down drag out shit talking sex fight, with the only person I trusted with my life, my body and my heart.

“You think you can make me beg you goody two shoes mama’s boy. I love you, you nosy bastard. But, Your gonna have to pull out that bad boy you keep in your back pocket cause I’m not going to make this easy on you.”

That being said I bit your collar-bone, hard, but not hard enough to break the skin.  your  reaction was a growling “ouch, bitch”, and you tossed me like a rag doll to the side.

“You fucking bit me, you vamp lusting,” You never finished your statement just grabbed a hold of my hair and began dragging me down the hallway toward the bed room.

Halfway there I managed to get enough of my bearings, to trip you. As you fell to the floor you released my hair giving me back my range of motion.

Rolling you to your back I straddled your waist and grabbed your wrists. with all my pent-up frustration adding to my already unladylike strength I pushed your arms back above your head. “Whose the bitch now, Darlin?” I said with a fire in my eyes and a wiggle of my hips to let your cock, rock hard and throbbing against your pants, grind against my still covered yet moistening pussy.

“Oh no, naw see your my bitch tonight.” You protested, thrusting upward like a bronco trying to free itself from an unwanted rider. With a powerful bench-press like maneuver You lifted my entire upper body, then rolled me off your waist, following to rest over me.

Tearing at my clothes with one hand, the other hand wrapped itself in my hair like a tug of war rope. Struggling against you, more for your pleasure than the desire to escape, I ran my long fingernails across your chest leaving a claw mark not unlike that of a tiger.

The burning sting of it was both painful and pleasurable. I knew because while you hissed a ragged inhaled breath at the pain you grinned at me and your eyes glowed with fire and passion.

Escaping your grasp again I made it to my hands and knees, my pants already halfway down my thighs, my shirt ruined but hanging on by the arms. Crawling toward the bed room became a race. A race with no code of conduct, no rule book, dirty cheating fun was the only way you were going to win, and you knew it.

You slid your belt out of your belt loops and cracked it once for effect. Then you slung it like a whip, your hand on the buckle, and its smooth leather snapped in a loud clap like thunder against my bare ass cheek.

I stopped to glare at you rubbing the welt mark that was already hot and rising.  Taking my pause to your advantage you reached out the arm length distance between up and grabbed the back of my pants.

Yanking backwards they slid to my knees.  With a roll, a kick or two, and a grin I shimmied the rest of the way out of them leaving you holding the waistband in your hand and making another mad dash for the bedroom.

This time scrambling to my feet, I made it to the door. I turned to look at you as you threw my pants aside, and stood up.  Undoing your pants as you walked closer and closer to the bedroom. First the button, step,step. Then the zipper, step, step. With a push on either side of your waist band the pants and your boxers slid down your hips, to your thighs, Step, step. Looking at you step out of your pants and boxers with ease, seeing your naked form coming toward me, It began to ease my anger and fuel my lust.

Now at the door facing me, one of us on either side of the door jamb just breathing at one another, as if a pane of glass stood between us.

“So are you going to just stand there, or are you going to come in and .. how did you put it? Fuck the shit out of me, until I break down begging?”

That little nudge was all it took. Like a lineman, you rushed me as if for a blitz tackle. Instead of knocking me down, however; you grabbed my waist and lifted me up. Over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes I went, being hauled to the bed.  Once there you smacked my already red ass check and threw me down.

Sitting up, I defied your need to see me tremble. Stiff backed and proud, I giggled.

“Oh you want to laugh, do you?” You said, your cock rock solid, and inches from my face.

“Oh I will If I So…” My words were rammed back down my throat as your shaft slid into my mouth.

“Suck it well,” You said grabbing my head to dictate the bobbing motion you so desired. “If I feel the scrape of even one tooth I will face fuck you till your vocal chords wrap around my dick, then I’ll pull out and show them too you. Are we clear?”

Oh the clearness was crystal, you were enjoying the control, the danger, the rough and savage nature of our anger management sex. I liked you this way. But I’d dare not tell you that. Instead I kept time with your hands direction, letting you slide in and out of my parted lips. Faster and deeper you plunged down my throat until my eyes began to tear from mild suffocation.

With a hand full of hair you yanked me backward, and watched me fall to the bed with a small gasp for air.  Still standing at the bed side, you grabbed my legs and pulled until the small of my back and below dangled in mid-air. Moving your hands to my hips you aimed . Already lubricated enough by my wet mouth, you thrust into me hard enough to make my body shake.  Again, and again you pounded with such force my upper body flailed like rag doll at your power.

Then you pulled out at let go of my legs dropping my ass to the floor. ” Had enough rough yet?”

Shocked that you dropped me, but now the anger was gone and I was merely horny as the devil’s own mistress. If this was my therapy session, bring it on I want the full hour I’m paying for.

“I’m not begging to be cuddled yet. Thought you were going to make me beg.” I taunted for no purpose other than to keep you going. This side of you was intriguing. Not that I’d ask for it on a regular but at least I’d know what awaited me if I wanted to see this side of you again.

I crawled on to the bed, on hands and knees, and reached from just in front of you, with a stretch to the opposite bedside nightstand. “If you aren’t up to finishing what you started, I’m sure I have a good book I can dive into somewhere over here.” I taunted again.

Soon after the words left my mouth two hands grabbed my hips and slid me backwards, ass in the air. “You are an evil bitch sometimes aren’t you?”  You said, not expecting an answer.

Your hard cock slid into me again, your hip bones bounced off my ass cheeks, your balls slapped my clit, as you pounded me from behind. Then a yank of my hair until my neck pulled so far backward it almost hurt. A slap of my ass, then another.

As my hair was freed and I hunched forward, you arm came around my rib cage, lifting me both upward and backward. Your other arm came around my shoulder, then your hand grabbed my throat again. “Cum for me,” you growled in my ear and you pounded me. Your grip tightened, “I’m not stopping until you cum for me.”

Gasping both in ecstasy, and from your tightening fingers around my neck, my mind racing in silent screams of “Yes.” and “Please, don’t stop.”

“I love you. You crazy fucking bitch. Now, cum for me.” You said voiced raised and more forceful.

You were close as well, Your knees began to tremble with the approaching climax you were trying to hold back for me to get mine.

Releasing me, you pulled out only long enough to climb onto the bed and flip me over. “I want to see your face when you cum.” You said thrusting back into rhythm. Grabbing my legs and lifting them to rest against your chest, my feet near your ears.  Inching our way toward climax, until in unison we moaned. Your thrusts slowed to match the shots of cum exploding into me.

Collapsing in a pile, with lay heaving breathing for a minute. “Now I will cuddle with you.” I whispered. “But don’t expect me to beg for it.”

“Are you still angry?” You inquired.

“No, not anymore.” I answered as we re-situated to spoon.

“Good, cause I love you.  You said, wrapping around me like a Christmas ribbon.

“I love you too, let’s get some sleep.”

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