A Curious Kitten Part 2

(And the story continues)

As you walked away, you turned and smiled back at me. Chalking the entire night up to young drunkenness, I figured that was the last I would see, or hear from you. After-all, I never even got your name.

When my phone rang, twenty minutes later, it caught me by surprise to hear your child like voice. After giggling a bit about finding my card when you went to put your phone in your pocket, and how it was only right that I should have your name and number since you now had mine, I smiled at the fact you actually called.

“I honestly, didn’t expect to hear from you.” I admitted.

“Why? You really helped me out tonight.” You said as matter-of-fact as you could sound. “And to be honest, you kinda turned me on.”

“Oh, you liked that?” I asked, somewhat proud of myself in that moment.

“Can we do it again?” You asked like a child full of excitement. As if begging to get back in line after an amusement park ride.

“Completely up to you.”

A small giggle came through the phone.

“Can you swing by my apartment? I’m only ten minutes from the bar. And don’t worry about the crowd I was with, I ditched them, told them I had to be up early.”

“I suppose I can. Text me the address and I’ll be there after I pack up and pay my tab.”

It was a short drive to an unpredictable outcome. But curiosity got the better of me. I had to know exactly what you had in mind.

After a climb up a flight of stairs and a gentle knock on your door, it swung open revealing a very different side of you.

There you stood in a pair of boxers and a spaghetti strap tank top, no bra, with your hair loose about your shoulders.

“I’m glad you made it.” You said moving aside so I could enter.

“How could I resist such a curious offer?” I said with a smile barely able to take my eyes off you.

Your hand slid across my back as you closed the door.

“That kiss had me wondering if anything else would be on the table.” You said with a wide-eyed grin.

“What did you have in mind?” I asked as you grabbed my hand and almost skipped to the living room.

“Why don’t we start with a seat, and a drink, and another one of those kisses.” You said as you led me to your sofa.

Taking a seat, I watched you scurry into the kitchen, returning with a wine cooler in each hand.

You bounced down beside me and handed me the fruity beverage. Twisting the top, I commented on the quaint decor, and then turned to judge your comfort level.

The blushing fearful child from the bar had vanished. You surprised me by almost tackling me with a kiss of your own.  Relinquishing control, I let you push me backward, clumsily I tried to safely place my drink on your coffee table before I was too far to reach it.  Barely, I managed to get it there, freeing my hands to touch your soft skin.

Wrapping my arms around you, breaking the kiss you looked down upon me, laying beneath you and at your mercy and lustily said, “Sorry, couldn’t help myself.”

“No complaints, and no apologies.” I said letting my hands slide down your sides.

You pulled your hair to one side,and asked, “So, how far will you let me go?”

What other answer was there but, “As far as you are willing.”

Slowly I slid my hands beneath the light and loose fabric of your tank top. Moving an inch at a time, I let them rise up along your sides. Fingers traced along your back, palms along your sides, thumbs against your flat stomach.

It must have felt nice, Because your small frame began to wiggle and you hips began to grind against me. Like a sculptor with his clay, my hands caressed your skin, molding you into the sexual deviant that lay beneath the surface.

I cupped and teased your breast, waiting with bated breath for your next gasp, whimper, moan. Knowing all to well, eventually the desire building inside you would reach a point it could not be contained.

Lifting your tank top to your neck, I exposed your already erect nipples to the cool air conditioning. Sliding you backward, just enough, I sat up into your chest and took one of those nipples into my mouth.

A kiss, a suck, a tender nibble or two, then repeating before a gentle squeeze and I switched sides.

Giving the other the same treatment I felt your hands in my hair. After a brief , tangling massage of my scalp, you pulled back and pushed me back to a supine position. Laying there for a moment, I was unsure if you were going to attack me or  ask me to leave.

Pulling your hair into a tight pony tail, you gazed down at me. “My turn.” You said with hungry excitement

Fumbling only briefly to un-tuck my shirt, your manicured nails trailed over my flesh leaving red burning paths down my sides. The flames were only cooled by the kisses left by your soft lips as you placed one every inch from my navel to my neck. Stopping only long enough for a quick tease of my nipples as you ascended.

Your lips against my neck, your hands at my waist freeing me from my jeans, the uncovering of flesh to the cool air sent a shiver up my spine.

“Cold?” you asked in a whisper from your place of power.

“A little.” I admitted, Praying you wouldn’t use it as a reason to stop.

“Challenge accepted, lets see if this warms you up.” You smiled as your tiny hand slid between my newly unzipped jeans and my skin.

Your hands were so smooth, like you had never done a hard days work in your life. I felt your fingers slide below my navel, across the triangle of tender flesh between my thighs. Before I could take a deep breath, your long, thin fingers found the petals of my flower, parted them, and began teasing and invading me.

My eyes closed, my body shifted and quivered as you dipped your fingers inside me, withdrew them, rubbed my clit, and then dipped them again.

My toes curled As you fingers danced inside me, your lips kissed nibbled and tasted everything north of your hand. Your long hair tickled as it slid back and forth against my skin.

Now trembling, I couldn’t help but be shocked that you would be this aggressive.You looked like a school boy’s dream and yet here you were in my reality. I had to have more of you, all of you.

Rolling from the sofa to the floor, hair, clothes flying in different directions as we alternated dominance.

As if choreographed, our bodies twisted, shook, turned, bent, and stretched, then repeated.

Finally, the tell-tale tremble and tightening that signaled climax was near.

After a strong string of full body shivers and an “Oh, Oh FUCK!” That was so loud your neighbors were probably concerned, and in need of a cigarette, you collapsed girlishly laughing for a moment then quiet.

Like a child sheltered in a parents arms, you rested your head on my chest. “That was amazing”, you said as you began to fall asleep in my arms.

“Yes, you were love. Now get some rest. ” I lifted you to the sofa, gave you a kiss on the temple and covered your exquisite naked form with the throw blanket.

As I drove myself home, I thought to myself, curiosity may have killed a cat once upon a time. But tonight, it freed a kitten.


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