A Curious Kitten

The female form is one of the most beautiful pieces of natures art. The lengths and curves that shape a woman’s body are elegant in their design.

I’m not usually so aroused by a woman. I can normally admire and appreciate a female’s form from a distance, like viewing art work on display at a gallery or museum. I can study it from behind the metaphoric velvet rope, let the wave of emotion wash over me, smile and move on.

However; seeing you, was more like listening to a song. Watching you move was rhythmic,  like a dance for those who took time to truly pay attention. And that song moved me. I felt desire welling up inside of me that no woman had ever made me feel.

Your jeans stretched to hug your thick athletic thighs. Your scoop neck shirt shifted as you walked, it accented your still young and supple breasts. You were a vision in denim and cotton, laughing as your group of friends talked you into a shot at the otherwise deserted bar I had chosen to use as my office for the evening.

Scenarios began to plague my mind. The way you tossed your head back when you laughed, touched yourself as you danced. Every glance up from my laptop was met by another reason to lick my lips and sip my drink.

Are you as curious as you appear, little kitten? If I made an advance, would I be met with hostility? Would you be intrigued? Flattered? Offended?

If I ran my fingers through your flowing hair, would you flinch away? If I accidentally, on purpose, brushed against you as I walked by, would you notice?

Would you let me run my fingers down your spine as I gave you a hug?

Even the thought of your tight body, and taught breasts pressed against me, had me moist.

Drunk friends play drunk games. Your gathering of associates had struck up a game of spin the bottle in hopes of feeling your soft red lips against theirs. As the bottle twirled I tried to pay as little attention as possible. When your sweet almost child-like voice innocently rang out “My turn?” I couldn’t help but watch intently.

The bottle cap stopped perfectly splitting the two of your friends sitting back to me. Straight down the gap between them it pointed, and I watched as they fought each other to slide their chairs in front of it.

I could hear the laughter as the argued over game rules, each trying to bend the terms to win them the honor of your kiss. The apparent Alpha male of the group laughed for a minute at their stupidity, then called the table to order.

“The rules,” He paused for dramatic effect. “State that you must kiss whomever the cap points to , or submit to a dare of my choosing.”

Instantly you, and your table full of associates looked at the bottle, their heads and necks followed it’s path, one of them even used their arm to follow the caps trajectory, until all of you stared and or pointed directly at me.

Sitting alone with my notepad and my laptop, enjoying my mixed concoction of alcohol, I was the only person at the only table behind yours. “Rules are rules.” I heard your voice say as I attempted to look distracted by anything other than your slender form sashaying toward me.

“Forgive my friends.” You said sheepishly as your manicured nails touched my shoulder. “Could you do me a favor?”

I glanced into your intoxicated, but pleading eyes, and watched your perfect lips purse into a most adorable pout.

“I suppose that would depend on the favor.” I answered trying to sound stronger in will power than I was.

“I need to kiss you.” The words no sooner left your mouth than a look of terror swept across your face. “Oh, I mean we were playing spin the bottle, the cap split straight between my two friends there. It’s pointing at you. The consequence of not kissing you would be the most hideous dare they can think up.” You tried to be apologetic in your rambling explanation.

Your nails ran down my back to the back of my chair style bar stool. “Please?”

“How much of a kiss are we talking about here? A Peck on the cheek? A sweet press of our lips? Do you need the tongue? Are we supposed to act all grossed out? Or break into a hot make out session?” The sarcastic tone was meant to lighten your fears. And it worked, a diabolical grin painted your perfectly sculpted face as you glanced for a second at your friends and then looked back at me.

“Are you up for helping me really get back at them? Two of the guys over there have heard me say no so many times tonight, but not actually heard me when I said it. If we were to make it really steamy maybe they’d take the hint and back off.”

“I’ll help you,” I said looking you straight in the eye, “But to make a scene like that believable you’ll have to trust me, and follow my lead. Can you put trust in someone you just met?”

“Promise not to hurt me, and I’ll trust you.”

Teasingly I answered with, “I’ll only hurt you if you ask me too.”

“Then shall we do this?” You said tense but resolute in your decision.

I turned sideways on my stool, and looked into those big fearful eyes. To ease you into your comfort zone, I brushed a lock of hair behind your ear and softly whispered, “Close your eyes.”

Leaning toward you, I lightly brushed your lips with mine. Sliding my hand across your small frame, I took hold of your waist to pull you closer.

Slowly I pressed my lips to yours again. this time they opened slightly. Teasing your mouth, with a mixture of tongue tangles and nibbles at your bottom lip, your petite hands slide around me.

Your nails slide down my back to where my ass met my seat, and with a tug you slid me even closer to you. Now we were almost engulfed in each other, so close our breasts rubbed together, and our breathing unified in staggered excitement.

Sliding slowly my hands caress and explore you…so small. Coming to rest on your sides, just at your ribs where my thumbs and forefingers could lightly cup the outside curve of your breasts.

An uncontrollable, completely on purpose, gentle squeeze, and a soft whimper escaped your lips. Admittedly, it made me smile.

Using the better part of whatever judgement I had remaining, I slipped my business card into your back pocket, gave your soft apple-shaped ass a squeeze and pulled away.

“I don’t think your friends will ride you too much about being scared anymore. And, from the looks of it the two guys you mentioned have turned their attentions elsewhere.” I said as your eyes opened.

“I think your right about that. However, they are assholes, so don’t get too mad if we end up on snap-chat or something like that.”

As you walked away, you turned and smiled back at me. Chalking the entire night up to young drunkenness, I figured that was the last I would see, or hear from you. After-all, I never even got your name.

Continue with part two by clicking here.

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