Always Listening: Another note from the Author

The point of view of a story is often the key to its success. It was brought to my attention that none of the stories I have posted are from the male perspective. As a female, I have never attempted this point of view before, because to be honest it is unfamiliar to me.

However, after much deliberation I have decided to attempt such a story. Now this may take a few days to hash out. Many of the men in my life, lovers, family, and friends are tight-lipped as to their thoughts where the erotic pleasures are concerned. So my imagination will be doing most of the work on this one. I will update you on my progress.

Until the unveiling, may I suggest taking advantage of the special offers on my sponsor page:  Keeping The little red book free to read is important to me.  (And you may find reading it more enjoyable with the products my affiliates have available.)

Thank you as always for granting me your time. Enjoy.

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