Troubled with a capital “D” Part 3

As I watched you threaten the world from your sound proof cell, I felt a new terror. The first set of hands had caressed my flesh.

First, a hand trailing up my leg. Then two sliding between my thighs. Another set of hands caressing my rib cage. Refusing to watch my own demise in any fashion I stayed focused on you.

A warm mouth against my thigh, made my body twitch. Another pair of lips at my collar-bone. The pain, anger, and pity in your eyes; it was unbearable.

Hands and mouths covered my naked flesh.

One breast being fondled the other being sucked and nibbled.  Two men at my thighs, kissing and massaging them. Then the fourth collared man stepped between them.

The man at my chest placed a hand around my throat. The two at my thighs pulled my legs apart. The fourth grabbed a candle from his bag and lit it with lighter.

Hot wax dripped across my thigh, and despite my desire to be silent and unresponsive, I yelped, and twitched from the stinging burn. Another drop, and another as my thighs turned red from the slow torture.

Your fight against the glass raged on, your knuckles beginning to bleed from over use on their unforgiving foe.

Wax trailed down my inner thighs. New drops were added to my stomach my chest, my breasts. As each molten wax droplet struck my cold skin my body twitched and trembled. The pain and sting began to fade and a new sensation began to take hold.

The collared men held me tightly, yet with great care. Each drop became less of a torture and more of a tease. I felt my center tighten. My twinges of pain became arches of pleasure. And no matter how much my head wanted to protest, my body began to enjoy the attention.

The man with the candle blew out the flame.  After putting the extinguished wax stick away he knelt between my still braced open thighs.

You stopped pounding and fighting the wall of glass and stared, a look of both intrigue and defeat on your face.

A thumb graze my clit. My body jerked in response. Then the warm wet feeling of a tongue. Unable to control my reactions a moan slipped past my lips and escaped the ball gags edges.

The tongue swept back and forth across the gentle folds of my flower. The nectar inside began to well up and my one escaped moan became a muffled song of ecstasy cries.

Between the moments of eye closing bliss, I watched you. getting harder by the second as I wiggled beneath the sexual torture.  Your eyes glued to me, as you stroked yourself with longing.

A finger. Sliding deep inside me as the tongue continued its work on my clit.  My legs were released. The three other men left the one to snack at my center while they spread out around the rest of my body.

The touching, the kissing, every inch of me set on fire with lustful bursts. The nearer I came to that orgasmic high, I began to wish it was you between my thighs.

One by one the four began to retreat through their doors. The last to leave my aching flesh was the man between my legs. Reluctant to leave his meal it took a shock of his collar to make him retreat.

Laying exposed, and hot, my body ached for the release it had been deprived. The four doors shut and another buzzer sounded. The mechanical voice came back over the speaker.

“It’s your turn, lover boy. If you still want her now that she’s been spoiled.”

The glass partition that had been holding you back slid away.  Rushing to my side you put your hand beneath my head.  Unclasping the ball gag , you asked, “Are you OK?”

In a breathless sigh I whispered, ” They left me wanting.”

“I’ll find something to cut you lose.”

“No, not yet.” I begged.

You gave me a hungry, yet confused look. “Why?”

“I’ve never wanted a man to touch me as much as I want you to touch me now. I watched you behind the glass. I wished it had been you making me squirm and moan. They left me so close to a finish that it aches. Please,please help me.”

“You want me to?” you asked as you slid a hand across my stomach.

“I need you. Please.”

You answered with the soft stroke of your hand against my shoulder. Soft, sweet, caring, your touches continued until every inch of my body had been touched by your gentle hands.

“Not like this.” you said grabbing the switch blade where the collared man had dropped in earlier.

Standing between my spread thighs, you sliced the ropes binding my ankles.  The soreness of my thighs being released made my legs search for new support to rest on. With one motion you grabbed my thighs with your arms and wrapped my legs around your waist.

Leaning over me, I could feel every muscle in your body ripple against me.  With another two swings of the blade you released my wrists.

Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around your shoulders.

“Now, if you want me. I’ll gladly give myself to you.” You whispered in my ear.

“Yes, yes I want you.” I whispered back.

Lifting me somewhat, you re-situated my ass on the platform.  With a swivel of your hips and a stroke of my hair you slid inside me.

I had been filled by a man before, but never as full. You touched me in more than a loving way. As if the world could end in this moment and you would never regret dying in my arms. With each thrust into me I felt your desire to hold and shelter me.

With every taste of your lips, I hungered for you to linger. Every time your chest slid against mine I swear I felt your heart touch my heart.

As we took each other closer to climax the mechanical voice spoke again.

“You started this journey as a hostage, swearing we had no beliefs, that we did this for no gain other than money and video views. Now perhaps you understand that there is more than evil in our plan. The two of you danced around your feelings for each other we saw it while we cased your business. The tension between you was so thick molasses would have flowed faster. By showing each of you the power of your feelings you now embrace each other freely. It took an extreme measure, to let you release your guard and be with each other.”

As we both groaned in sweet release you kissed me, and yelled at the hidden capture. “You’ve had your fun, you’ve made your video and your point. Now release us. And for God’s sake give us some clothes.”

Again the voice laughed over the loud-speaker. ” You’ll find everything you need below her platform, we’ll be long gone before the time lock on the door releases. Then you can be on your way. ”

Exhausted I allowed you to dress me in a men’s button down shirt. You threw on the slacks that were in the same sack as my new shirt.

An hour passed in your arms before the doors all swung open, after the stretching, pulling and strain to my limbs I still couldn’t stand.

Scooping me up like a groom carrying his bride across the threshold, you carried me out into the cool night air.  My hero, my lover, my friend.


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