Memorable Mistress part 3

I have no clue how long I’d been engulfed in my memory of that fair mistress, but it was long enough that my wife had returned to the living room to beckon me to bed, and I hadn’t noticed.

Her cheap novel slammed down on the coffee table, as she asked If I was sleeping in my chair or if joining her was on my schedule for the evening.

“Yeah, I’m coming.”

Climbing into bed with my “young for her age” wife, should have given me pleasure. Already hot and bothered from the memories, I should have been ready to pounce on her like the days our love was new and exciting.

Instead, I was more afraid that somewhere between spreading her legs and making her scream with passion, I would flash to a vision of that miraculous day from memory and call her by the wrong name.


As I tucked in, ready to switch off my bedside lamp, a hand slid across my chest.

“It’s been too long. ” My wife whispered in my ear as she slid closer.

She was right. We had barely touched each other in the last few weeks. And yet, I would rather have been left alone with my memories of that fiery young piece of my past.

As my wife’s hand slid beneath my waistline, my eyes closed, and instead of her hand against my manhood I felt the sweet lips of my memorable mistress.

Hardening beneath the touch of my present, and the memory of my past I got lost in the two worlds. I rolled a bit to grab hold of my wife, not seeing her face , but blinded by the vision of another.

Rolling her on top of me I looked through the eyes of my younger self. Determined to satisfy both my need to relive the glory of that night sixteen years ago, and the wanting woman who now shared my bed.

Sliding her down my shaft, I was transported through time and space. Rocking and grinding her against me holding by her hips like a sexy steering wheel.

Trying my damnedest not to speak, I drove her. Watching the young mistress in my mind react in ways my wife never had. Hearing my wife behind my fantasy moaning in a way she hadn’t in years.

With a growl and a thrust I tumbled us over, coming to rest above her. Her long flowing hair spread out across the pillows where my wife’s face should have been.

I took her ankles into my hands and lifted her young athletic legs into the air. Resting her calves against my chest, her toes near my ears I continued to thrust my self into her again and again.

I could feel the trembling of her knees, but was it live or mere muscle memory ? Leaning in to drive harder, I felt the moist warmth of her center increase in dampness and temperature. The heat matched only by the muscles tightening in rhythmic form around my cock.

She was getting close to climax, but I wasn’t through with her yet. I wanted all of her like I had when I was a younger man. Back when I could christen every piece of furniture I owned, grab a shower and be ready for another round.

I braved the fear of vocalizing my need for more. “Not yet, you don’t.”

I took hold of those legs, pulling out and backing up I rolled my conquest to her stomach.

Dragging her by the thighs to the edge of the bed, I stood behind her admiring that perfectly beautiful apple-shaped ass.

Leaning over her I nibbled at her shoulder, as I caressed that firm young body beneath me. Whispering in her ear to not speak, to just enjoy the passion I had in-store for her, I slid my cock again into that tight, wet pussy.

Letting my hips bounce off the perfect pillowed ass cheeks, letting my balls smack against her clitoris, I wrapped my arms around her to take her breasts into my hands.

Hunched over her like a ravage beast, I gave her every inch of me.

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Her happiness in the carnal pleasure began to trickle down her thighs. Her whimper of excitement became gasps of breathless ecstasy.  She was going to cum, and cum hard. I could feel her tremble, her muscles seizing. I wanted to have our climax together, so I quickened my pace.

I could hear the little voice I once knew in my mind, half begging for that final push to take her over the edge. She was a piece of a dream, sent to me then to make me feel alive, and in my memory now to give me that extra animal drive that had been missing in my routinely boring life.

Braving words once more, I barked out a single request. “Don’t you hold back on me. ”

Neither of them did.

The childlike lover of my past, whimpered and came so hard I couldn’t help but join her releasing every bit of my self, and finally collapsing on top of her.

My wife screeched and came, so strongly I thought she might need medical attention, then rolled out from under me as I finished myself to my memory.

I crawled back into my bed, my wife panting beside me.

“Where did that come from?” She asked with a satisfied grin.

“Just wanted you to remember who you married.” I responded as I recalled the way my mistress had curled into my arms afterward.

“I have never forgotten who you were. I will always remember who you are, and have become. And the memory of this night will last me for a while.”

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