Dream Walker part 4: Finale

If you were only a dream man, no more, no less, your response should probably be a playful banter about keeping me up all night. Although, If you were a dream stalker, you’d be on to my realization. My mind went blank soon there after as the words, “I hear you, but I’d rather taste you” left your lips.

With that, your rough hands pulled my thighs apart, and your warm wet tongue began to lick at my clit. The initial wave of warm sexual energy shocked me backward. My back slammed into the refrigerator door. My keys slipped from my hand and jangled as they hit the hard wood floor. Looking up from your teasing you smiled at me with a sinister yet hungry grin.

“Let’s try something new, do you trust me?” You giggled as a shoulder slipped between my thighs.

My right leg lifted into the air, held at the knee by your shoulder and the connecting arm, which reached under it so your hand could grab the cheek of my ass, and pull me back into your hungry lips.

I couldn’t concentrate enough to answer your question, the passion you displayed in your feasting of my most sensitive flesh was commendable. My breath began to catch, and my left leg, still grounded began to tremble and shake.

“Now, now,” you said coming up for air once again. “You can’t cum yet, I’m just getting started.”

Your other shoulder grazed my thigh as you lifted my left leg in the same fashion as my right. Instantly airborne, supported by no more than your extraordinary upper body strength, I was at your complete mercy.

You dove back in, only the feasting felt more intense, perhaps it was the fear of falling that heightened the sensation, my back arched for both balance and out of sheer pleasure.

Hands on my ass, arms supporting my thighs, my knees on your shoulders, you began to rise to your feet. The jolt of movement frightened and excited me as my arm instantly lifted out to my sides like a tightrope walker in desperate search of balance, and then as you reached full standing stature the fell down to run my fingers through your hair.

You carried me like that, from the refrigerator across the kitchen floor. It was like floating on an erotic cloud, every footfall both scary, and pleasurable as your mouth preyed on my pussy.

On the verge of climax, about to give up control, I felt myself lowering. Then the shock of the cold granite countertop against my bare ass made me jump.

“Say you’re mine.” You commanded sliding one hand from my ass to play in the warm wetness you had created between my thighs.

No matter how much my conscious mind wanted to warn and fight against it, the truth was … I was yours.  I had been for sometime.

“I’m yours, All yours.” The delight of my body making the words far easier to say than I had expected.

You slowly leaned me backward on the counter, one leg still on your shoulder the other braced openly by the arm that was giving your hand free range of teasing motion at my center.

“I grow tired of this once in a chance meeting love affair.” Your voice became serious and direct. “I intend on having all of you. I will find you, and when I do I’m going to melt into your life, like butter.”

Reality snuck in to my nearly overcome dream world. Did you just confirm being a dream walker?

All of me wanted you to be real, to have you in my world, my real world. Even the thought of it would fuel my search forever.

“How will I know you? How will I find you?” I asked breathless, still trying so hard not to cum as you never missed a beat teasing, dipping your fingers to the furthest knuckle.

“First, I’ll find you.” Removing your hand to free your cock from your pants. “Second, you’ll have to pay attention.” You added as you prepared to slide into me.

Your hands took my hips, my right leg still on your shoulder, you pulled me toward you as your hips drove into mine letting your solid shaft fill me entirely. The power behind the initial thrust made me cry out in both shock and pleasure.

You held me there for a moment, and leaned toward me.

The fog like haze that normally hid your most detailed features lifted momentarily to reveal the most intense eyes I’d ever seen. Their gaze was both dangerous and enticing, gentle yet hungry. If I hadn’t just spent over a year of my life falling for your touch, and your voice, I’d have fallen for those eyes instantly.

After playfully planting a kiss on my nose, you backed away to throw me a few more deep hard thrusts.

“You’ll know my voice, my touch, my eyes, but you’ll also know my name.” you said sliding out of me.

You pulled me down from the counter, spun me back toward you to bend me over for a rear assault.

“Your name?” I asked as you found your path and again thrust into me.

As my ass bounced off your waist, and your balls slapped my clit, you asked “How well did you pay attention in sunday school as a child?”

“I know my verses.” I admitted. Not feeling very christian at the moment.

Then when you read the verse on my newest tatoo, you’ll know my name.

Thrust after thrust followed, harder faster my nipples hard and erect smacked against the cold granite through my blouse. A rough hand smacked my ass, another reached around to tease my clit as you pounded.

The need to cum was so strong I prayed for the release before it did permanent damage to my heart.

The wailing of an alarm began to creep through the music of our panting breath and slapping flesh.

“No, No, NOOOO!”


I awoke for the first time in a long time with hope instead of heartache. Still frustrated, but the ray of light remained. He’s real.

It was almost a month later, my sleep dreamless, my mind twisted with dismissive thoughts. My heart splitting with feelings of unworthiness, and abandonment.

Sitting at my favorite pool hall, losing terribly at the game I so enjoyed. Getting drunk, singing along to the sad country music spewing from the jukebox. When a gaggle of people I’d never seen in here before poured in.

Having all but given up the hope you’d just appear, I afforded little attention to the crowd, until a familiar voice spoke out from behind me. “I’d go for the seven, then the four.”

Turning to see who dared interrupt my hopelessly lost game I was met by intense brown eyes.

“I know you, don’t I?”  Asking, unsure if it was really you or my mind playing a cruel trick on my heart.

“Do you?” You said reaching up to move a lock of hair out of my face and tuck it behind my ear.

The feel of your touch sent chills of memory and desire up my spine.

“Nice ink. Is it new?” I asked glancing at the freshly marked patch on your forearm.

“It is. Do you know where it’s from?”

Reading the all to familiar bible quote, I knew it was you. And I did indeed know your name as you had predicted.

Leaning to you I whispered the book, chapter and verse in your ear. Your eyes closed as if in memory of our dream rendezvous. Then in familiar fashion you grabbed my waist and pulled me into you.

“I told you I’d find you.” You said before stealing the kiss I had been dying to give you.

Holding me there in your warm embrace, a look of concern painted my brow.

“What’s wrong, my angel?” You asked rubbing a hand down my spine.

“I’m waiting.” I answered honestly, and with a twinge of sorrow.

“For what my love?” You asked kissing my neck.

“To wake up.”

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