Sweeter than Fiction: Part 3

“You are afraid of yourself when you are with me?” The idea wasn’t new to me. Many times I had heard people in relationships say they become someone, or something else when they are with someone they can not control their hunger for.

“I want you, all of you, But I don’t want to hurt you.” You admitted almost ashamed at your self diagnosed weakness.

Backing away from your grasp, I took matters into my own hands. Pulling my shirt up and over my head, I cast it aside. “I trust you.” I said finishing the work you had started on my pants. “And,” I added turning back to you. ” I want you, just as badly.” I said sliding my pants down my legs in an intentionally slow manner so my ass, which I knew you couldn’t resist, stayed bent and inviting, lingering in front of you as long as possible.

Standing straight up again, I turned toward you, now wearing nothing but a bra, a thong, and a devious smile.

“I won’t think any less of you, for ating upon your desires.” I said taking the two steps forward that would position me back between your legs.

Leaning over you, I placed my hands on the back of the sofa, my breasts dangerously close to freeing themselves from my bra, were inches from your face.

Tilting my head, I licked the ear lobe I had grazed with a touch earlier. As you let out a jagged breath I whispered,”Ever think I might want to see your animal side?”

Grabbing my hips you lifted me off the ground and to your side. Growling softly as you rose to your feet. “Bend over and grab that sofa back again, only put your knees up on those cushions.”

Before I could comply, you were on your knees behind me, peeling away my thong like the ribbon off a birthday present.

Assuming the requested position, my head danced with what ifs and maybes, all of them gloriously satisfying. Then two rough, yet smooth hands took either side of my rib cage. Sliding along my skin leaving trails of burning desire in their wake. Down my sides, to my hips, down my thighs, then back to my waist.

“All this ass.” You said as you took one thick cheek in each hand, massaging, making them spread, clap, and bounce at your will.

My body heat was rising, my juices were building. It was only your touch. Merely your hands, and I was already damn near dripping in anticipation.

Then a tongue, hot and wet against my clit. My entire body burst into an inferno of wanton desire.  My internal phoenix took hold as your tongue swirled around my most soft and sensitive flesh.

Your hands continued their round about motions on my ass cheeks, my back flexed in pleasure. Your mouth kept a rhythmic assault, kissing, licking, and tasting every inch between my thighs.

“Damn, you taste amazing.” You said as you adjusted your positioning. Sitting in front of the sofa on the floor, back to the cushions, you leaned back, head between my legs, and pulled my hot wetness down to rest on your face.

The sensation of your tongue invading my folds had me burning, I was dying to have more of you, but your skill was to enticing to ask you to stop.

Reaching a hand down and between my thighs, I ran my fingers through your hair.

My touch seemed to trigger your next level. Before I could let out a squeal, I was pulled off the sofa, airborne, resting only on your shoulders.

You spun around, onto your knees, and laid me gently on the sofa cushions. Coming up for air, leaving your feast behind, I saw your eyes. Hungry, hot eyes.

Your hands spread my legs further apart to accommodate the whole of your frame between them. Then as if knowing my every desire, the same hands began to stroke and caress my entire body.

Like magic, your fingertips made every nerve in my body dance. “I love being touched,” I whispered as my reacted to every brush stroke like motion against my flesh.

Soon your warm lips accompanied those magical hands, kissing, sucking, exploring. My back arched toward you to grant you access, and accommodate your every desired path.

And you took full advantage, sliding an arm behind me, first to unclasp my bra. Then lifting me toward you, allowing the straps to slide as I rose. My breasts were soon, not only exposed but, positioned directly in front of the lips that eagerly awaited them.

The tongue that had given me so much pleasure, just minutes before, extended to graze a nipple, then the other. Soon your face was firmly planted in my chest, sucking and nibbling on my breasts one at a time, as if the taste of them gave you life.  A tease of the tongue, a small bite between your teeth, an engulfing suckle upon each one.

A hand at my waist, an arm behind my back holding me in place, you ravished me like a hungry beast, finally in possession of its prey.

The hunger inside of me, the fire, the need for you grew second by second. Your lips, your touch, your rock hard cock, I wanted it all. And I wanted it NOW.

When you came up for air, and to admire the delicate frame in your arms, I leaned into you. Lightly I kissed your neck, and whispered, “You are far too dressed.”

Our hands tangled together, as we both reached between my thighs to get to your zipper.

Backing out from between my legs we fumbled trying to free you from the burden of your jeans. When you pants finally released their grip on your waist, they fell to the floor. As they did, I slid my hands beneath your shirt.

Watching the cotton slide up your chest was like watching the curtain rise on a game show. The anticipation of my prize adding to the excitement of the reveal.

Taking over, you grabbed the cloth now bunched at your neck, and lifted it over your head.

Watching your muscles flex, your body fully exposed to me for the first time, made me wet. Made me weak.

“Before we go any further,” you said putting a pause to the festivities. “Are you sure you want our relationship to change like this? Because, it will change.”

The reality of the moment started to sneak past the euphoria of foreplay. Truth was, I had already fallen for you. Your mind, your voice, your heart, they already had me captivated. The thought that sex could in effect ruin that, hadn’t crossed my mind until now.

Oh God, I thought, what if it was bad? Was that even possible? I was already addicted to you, what if like so many others, you left that bitter taste of disappointment?


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