Sweeter than Fiction: Part 4

“Before we go any further,” you said putting a pause to the festivities. “Are you sure you want our relationship to change like this? Because, it will change.”

The reality of the moment started to sneak past the euphoria of foreplay. Truth was, I had already fallen for you. Your mind, your voice, your heart, they already had me captivated. The thought that sex could in effect ruin that, hadn’t crossed my mind until now.

Oh God, I thought, what if it was bad? Was that even possible? I was already addicted to you, what if like so many others, you left that bitter taste of disappointment?

“Two questions.” I said, bluntly. “First, If you never have your hands on my frame again, would you still want a part in my life?”

“Momma, I don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been yours for a while now. I fell for the connection we share. I don’t need this. Sex is a benefit, not a main attraction.”

My soul smiled.

“Second, If I let you hit it….Will you bring your “A-Game”?”

That look on your face, devious yet sensual, hungry yet determined.

“I’ll tap it till you tap out, or die trying.” you stated as a matter of fact.

Now that was an answer I hadn’t heard before.

“Are you sure? I can be a handful, I might break you.” Figured it was only fair to be both playful and honest with you.

“I got you.” You said closing the distance between us. I sat on the sofa’s edge, your rock solid cock stared me right in the face. “I’ll never say this again, so hear me when I say it now. If you think you can break me try. Cause momma, you’re worth breaking for.”

That was all I needed to hear. A man willing to back up his boasts or break himself trying, please, tell me I’m not dreaming.

Reaching out to you, you stepped even closer. My hands took your hips, yours took my hair.

Trailing my tongue along your shaft, you let out a moaning, “Ye-e-e-s-s-s.”

With a tilt of my head, and a lick of my lips, you slid easily and deep into my mouth.

Your grip tightened in my hair, with a tug and a push you began to set a rhythm you felt at ease with. Deep, deep, shallow, shallow, deep. So your hips joined in as your body instinctively reacted to the warm wet joy of my lips sliding back and forth along your love muscle.

Your passion grew, with every lash of my tongue. Thicker, harder, longer, you grew into my mouth. Faster, faster your hips found no problem keeping up with the vigorous pace, as they pushed you deeper and deeper down my throat. Your hands had other intentions, as they, caught up in passion, ran wildly through my hair, and over my neck and shoulders.

Then suddenly you pulled back. Out of reach, out of touch, your cock separated from my lips with a “pop” as they lost suction. Looking up in concern, about to ask if something was wrong, I saw it. The animal you’d been trying so hard to hide.

It glared out from behind your eyes, with the gaze of a predator.

You grabbed my hands and yanked me to my feet. Admitting, I almost lost my balance, you pulled with such force.

Another tug and my body crashed into yours, where your eager arms waisted no time in their saving embrace.

“Again, are you sure?” You asked, the battle between man and beast raging beneath the surface.

“Take me, I’m yours.” I answered, never more certain, and almost begging.

Your embrace tightened as you reached around to grab my bare ass once more. A growl, as you squeezed and groped my cheeks for a moment.

“Get your thick ass on that sofa, just like you were before, on your knees with all this ass sticking right up at me.”

Happy to comply, I slid from your grasp. kneeling on the cushions, facing the wall, I reached my hands to the back of the sofa and began to bend.

As if an escaping thought, half under your breath you muttered, “Yes, back that ass up momma, poke them cheeks out, right here to me.”

Your hands grabbed my waist and pulled me further backward. Then you placed one in the crease where my ass and thigh meet and wiggled it to watch the cheek above it jiggle.  “Momma got bounce for days.”

Then the same hand reared back and swung down, connecting with a crack, that almost sounded like a gunshot.

“Uh huh.” Escaped your lips as I whimpered in pleasurable pain.

A lick of your fingers later, your large, hard cock was poised for entry. I was drenched in anticipation. It had been too long since a man had taken me, and even longer since I’d been with one so well endowed.

You hesitated for only a moment to assure your aim, then slowly, gently slid your hot shaft as far and deep as it would go.

The initial feeling was almost spiritual. Delicate yet fulfilling. My mind, my body, my heart, even my very soul could feel the caring, the desire, and the perfection behind that one motion.

Sliding back out you let out a whispered, “Shew.”

Then thrust back in, good, hard, and proper. “Oh my God, that’s good pussy.” I’m not even sure you realized you said that out loud.

The sheer size of you stretching me from with-in, I couldn’t contain the elation, the feeling that you provided. With each driving thrust, another whimper of pleasure, a moan. Your hands pulling my hips, your balls slapping in thrusting rhythm against my clit.

“Ah, ah, yes, dear God yes” I couldn’t help it. Your shaft pounding deep and filling every bit of me. I was in luster’s heaven.

To be so blessed, by an act of sin. It was as if the Lord himself approved of our union, and offered his forgiveness in the form of physical perfection.

As my body bounced back and forth, between your hard body and the sofa cushions, I  silently prayed for this to be only the glorious beginning to a must longer story.

And before my thoughts completed, you complied. Putting a foot up on the seat cushion beside me, adjusting your angle and slowing your pace, you seemed pleased to watch as your piston slid perfectly lubricated in and out of its cylinder.

“So juicy, so good, y-e-s.” You praised as the white cream built up on your cock with each stroke.

Hands massaging my ass cheeks to spread them and give you a clear view, each grip in perfect time with the rhythm your hips had set.

Holding back the urge to climax, I buried it deep with-in me, I couldn’t help myself. I had to see what other skills and surprises awaited me.  So I did something I’d never done before …I tempted fate to provoke your inner beast.

“You like this pussy, don’t you baby?” The question was a primer, and it worked..

It was the animal not the man who answered, “Mine, this is my pussy.”

“Not,yet it isn’t.” That did it, a growl of disapproval and an arm slid around my frame just beneath my breasts and pulled me backward to you.

“What do you mean, not yet?” Your hungry voice inquired.

With a sinister grin and serious fuck me eyes I answered. “I never judge an artist off one song. I listen to the whole album. I’d hate to think you were the next Grammy winner, if you are really only a one hit wonder.”

The chord it struck was a magical one. I knew the instant you responded I had just danced on the edge of a flood gate and the waters were about to be released.

“Then, by all means, let me sing you another tune.” you whispered in my ear, as you turned around with my frame still locked in your grasp and you cock still deep inside me.

It was like rolling over in bed, a soft fluid spin, completely supported, and safe, but the momentum, the feeling, and the perspective all changed.

You never let go, you never withdrew, as you picked me up, pivoted, and sat down on the sofa with me in your lap, still back to you.

“I wanna watch it bounce, ride it momma, make it bounce for me.”

Suddenly there was less give to the inward drive. Your hips were firmly supported where you sat. Every up and down motion of my hips, every crash of my ass against your thighs, had your cock knocking the back out of my very satisfied pussy.

My cheeks jiggling for your enjoyment, my legs burned with the fire vigorous workouts can bring, and my body trembled with the need to cum. But I couldn’t give in to it, not yet.

Feeling the muscles inside me tighten around your shaft, there was no hiding how close I was to climax from you.

“Oh, no you don’t. You don’t get to hold out on me momma.” You warned as your hands grabbed my waist just above my hips. “Your gonna cum, I’ll see to that right now.”

Sliding forward on the seat cushion for better leverage, you lifted me and the slammed me down again.  Your hips joined in and soon I was bouncing on your cock faster and harder than I could have ever managed to do alone.

I couldn’t fight it, the sheer power of your thrust alone, had my ability to hold back paralyzed. “Ah, ah, uh, oh, my God…” I could barely catch my breath, every muscle trembling, I was going to cum, and hard.

“Cum for me, Momma. Cum all over this dick. ”

My body had every intention of obeying. My will power was gone, my head spinning in pleasure, a few more thrusts so…close..

And with a back arching, body trembling seize of my muscles I squirted hot wetness all over your lap, drenching our legs, the cushion, the floor.

That may well, have been the first time a man had ever made me squirt before getting his at least once. And while it should have shocked me a little I had no time to process the achievement.

You would have thought I hit your go button, Because you turned on. you lit up like a street lamp. Before I could apologise for the mess, or even explain that you must be doing something very right, because not every man can make me squirt; I was in the floor rolled onto my back, legs in the air and you were sliding into me again.

We changed positions at least three more times before taking a break. I was in awe of your stamina, and of your score card, being able to go that long, and giving me back to back orgasms, still not getting yours. It was a pleasurable surprise.

After a bite to eat, and some snuggled up lounging to catch our breath, your hands began to wander my frame again.

I soon, and with no persuasion needed, found my self back on all fours being pounded across the floor. Still sensitive, the feeling was intense, so much so that the rug burn I was acquiring on my knees didn’t even enter my mind at the time.

Your pace was fast and hard, your breath was short and airy. Your legs were twitching, your hands shaking. You needed release, pleasing me repeatedly you had built up such a need to cum it was undeniable.

“I’m gonna.. oh my God… your pussy is so fucking amazing…I’m gonna” you sputtered as you continued to thrust.

I knew what was holding you back, and I had the guilt of knowing it was my fault that your pride wouldn’t let you reach the finish you had earned many times over. So, I did the only thing I could do, as I was fighting the urge to cum again myself.

“You win baby, it is your pussy. All yours, only yours.” Your pace began to slow. “You gonna cum in your pussy baby? Fill her up? Claim this pussy. Cum for me. Cum for Momma.”

“Y-e-s, mine, all mine, this ass, this pussy, this woman, mine. I’m gonna blow.”

You weren’t the only one. I was fighting it as hard as I could, but you had already weakened my ability to hold out to its minimum.

My body couldn’t wait for you any longer, my muscles contracted, my breath caught, and with the only warning I could muster through the breathless pleasure, I called out your name.

Juices flowed from me assisted by your unbroken rhythm of thrusts. Dripping and trailing down our legs. It was your sign, your permission to finally let go.

“Oh, y-e-s, f-u-ck” You moaned and shook, and pulsed. Trembling slow thrusts followed until your load was spent, then soft kisses against my back as if thanking me for the pleasure.  Then almost in complete exhaustion, you pulled me to your sweat covered body in a sticky sweet embrace.

Crawling to the couch, we collapsed together. Laying between my legs, head on my chest, as I ran my fingers through your hair.

In truth I could have gone another round, or two if you had desired them. But, for the first time in almost forever, I was satisfied. I didn’t crave more sex, only more you. And holding you, like this, was the perfect end to our first time together.


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