Sweeter than Fiction: Part six

I stood, on a normal Monday afternoon, in your driveway once again. As you wrapped your arms around me, I couldn’t help but lean into your warmth. I buried my face into the side of your neck, just under your ear.

“I have two surprises for you,” I whispered. “One is a bit of playtime fun that I have tucked in this bag.”

You glanced at the small canvas bag, its handles wrapped around my wrist. Then asked, “The other?” As you lifted me off the ground with an ass squeezing hug.

Nibbling a bit at your earlobe, I whispered again. “Simply that I love you too.”

Saying it was easy. My entire being relaxed, as if a sigh of relief to say, “Finally”.

The showers of kisses that followed, was like rose petals pelting against my face and neck.

“Best surprise ever.” You said between lip falls. When the kissing stopped you looked at me, your eyes softer, and warmer than ever.

“You love me?” as if you had to say it to be sure you heard me correctly.

“I do.” I confirmed.

“Just remember who said it first.” you laughed. “Now, what’s in the bag?”

“You’ll see.” I teased holding it out of reach. “I’m going to switch things up a bit. I’m in the mood to be a little playful.”

“Should I be concerned?” you asked.

“It depends. Do you trust me?” I asked backing up your porch steps.

“Of course I do.” You grinned.

Giggling, I opened the door behind me. Stepping inside I blew you a kiss, “Stay right there until you hear me knocking, then you can come in. Okay?”

You nodded and I closed the door.

A few minutes later I knocked on the window, and you entered, eager to see what I had been up too.

Before your eyes, I had transformed. Standing in a seductive french-maid like skirt so short the ruffles covered less than half of my ass cheeks. The top was similar to a string bikini, matching the skirt in motif.

I smiled as I twirled my hips, to make the ruffles dance for you.

The animal in your eyes had full control before your feet could cover the fifteen foot distance between the door and the living room. Your mouth open in a shocked smile, your cock hardening with each step closer to my barely dressed body.

Your arms stretched, as if to reach out for me, and I held a feather tickler out to lightly brush it against your face. Your hands took hold of my bare waist and pulled my body into yours.

“How may I be of service” I giggled.

You trailed one hand along the edge of the ruffled shirt, barely grazing fingertips against my flesh, and leaving those all too familiar goosebumps.

“Sit down, baby. I’m gonna spoil you.” I whispered, smiling at your still shocked and speechless demeanour.

You walked around me at least twice, circling, eyes scanning, mouth still gapped open, as if you were drinking in the site of me.

Moving toward the sofa, you took your eyes off me for the first time, and finally spoke.

“Damn Momma.”

“So, poppa likes?” I asked, even though the answer was rock hard and begging to be set free from your gym shorts.

“I love.” You said, taking another full body scan with your hungry eyes, before preparing to sit down.

“Wait, don’t move.” I said, before you could take your seat. “I can’t spoil you like this. Those layered tee-shirts have to go.”

I’d never seen a man strip out of his clothing so quickly. The shirts that once hugged your broad chest were on the floor faster than I could giggle.

I stopped you when you reached for the elastic waist band of your shorts. “No you don’t, that’s my job.”

Leaving a trail of gentle touches, and soft kisses along your now bare chest, I slowly knelt on the floor in front of you.

Gingerly, carefully, I maneuvered your shorts down and over your throbbing solid shaft. Its new-found freedom made it spring from its once bound position with such force that it smacked me across the face.

Undeterred, I continued lowering your shorts to the floor, teasingly joking “Aww he missed me.”

As your waistband hit your ankles, I looked up at you. Bedroom eyes, biting your lower lip, you wore that “Please, just please me” look, so well.

“Now, you can sit.” I said from my knees, your pleasure stick only a fraction of an inch from my mouth as you began to lower to the cushions behind you.

Adjusting to the soft comfort of the couch, you slouched backward and down resting your hips on the very edge of the cushions.

Taking my time, in sweet seductive action, I slid my hands from the back of your knee, down your calf, lifting when I reached your ankle to slide the waist band over and off your foot. Then repeating the motion, I released the other.

Your eyes closed at the feel of my touch, your head and neck relaxed backward into the soft pillow-like sofa back.

“Feel good?” I asked knowing the response would be in my favor.

A moan of pleasure was my answer.

Reaching for the mystery bag that I had concealed my outfit in earlier, I grabbed a small jar, white, and cold.

“What’s that?” You asked.

“It’s called body butter, But it’s far too cold to use on you yet.” I answered placing the small white jar between my thick warm thighs.

Reaching into the bag again I produced a smile and a blindfold. Your eyebrow raised in a curious yet devious manner.

“If you want me to spoil you, you’re going to have to trust me.”

A crooked smile painted your face as you slowly lowered the black satin mask over your teddy bear eyes. “I trust you momma.”

Fully reclined and relaxed, you looked pleasantly submissive. A canvas, blank and beautiful, for me to paint lovingly with my every desire.

As I sat there, still on my knees, my mind raced with all the possibilities of pleasuring you. But first, I had to be sure the blindfold was properly blocking your vision. Taking away one of the senses heightens the others, if you could still see, it would defeat the purpose.

Removing the body butter jar from my thighs, I rose to my feet. Carefully I bent to kiss you, trying not to touch you or warn you in any way that it was coming.

No reaction, your lips didn’t pucker in anticipation, your hands didn’t reach for me. As my lips gently brushed yours, you smiled.

“Just relax baby, I’m just getting started.” I whispered kneeling back down to retrieve the small white jar.

Sinking two fingers into the white cream of the jar, I then lathered it between my hands. Then placing each at opposite sides of your collar-bone I slowly, and with purpose, trailed the citrus scented body butter over your chest, your stomach, your hips, thighs and calves. The light brush of my fingers, mixed with the smooth moist feeling of the cream on my hands left you covered in shimmering goosebumps.

I reached beside me to grab for the feather tickler I had dropped when relieving you of your shorts. Thankful you couldn’t see the devious smile I was wearing as I prepared to tease you.

As gently as my desires would allow, I slid the feather tip across your thigh, and watched as your hips twitched. A pleasurable sigh escaped your lips.

“Look at that.” I said enjoying your reactions almost as much as I was enjoying causing them.

After a few more shockwave causing tickles, your desire was higher than I had ever seen it.  So ready, hard, solid, it was visually bouncing with the throbbing need for attention.

I couldn’t ignore its pulsation any longer. Eyes locked on your face to gauge your reaction, I extended my tongue to tease your tip.

“Ah, oh yes, momma.” Your head fell backward and your hips flexed.

“Did I strike a happy cord?” I asked doing it again.

“Yes, don’t stop. Get that dick.”

How could I refuse? Your hands clenched the edge of the sofa, your hips flexed and thrusted, your mouth pursed almost pleading.

I placed my right hand against your inner thigh. My left hand wrapped around your shaft. pushing slightly with one while stroking softly with the other I slid my warm wet tongue against your sack.

As I sucked, and stroked, your breath became more and more jagged. “Your gonna have me done, before you really get started.”

Releasing you from my grip, and my hungry feasting, I let your manhood trail down my chest and rest in the cleavage my bikini style top accented so perfectly.

“Why don’t you take off that blindfold, baby. I miss the way you look at me, and I know how much you like to watch.”

As you slid the black satin up and off your face, I slid my warm lips and wet tongue down and over your shaft.

The rhythm I set was slow, but sensual. Making sure every glide of my lips, and lash of my tongue was felt with the same deep pleasure as I had in doing them.

“Momma, you’re gonna make me blow, like a shaken champagne bottle.”

Letting my hands take over for my lips, looked at you with fuck me eyes and a loving smile. “what’s stopping you?”

“Deciding on how, and where.” You answered playfully.

My body is your canvas, paint it anyway you want. I give you permission to use your imagination.”

I may as well have said “go hard or go home,” Because a switch flipped behind those playful teddy bear eyes.  The animal I had only barely met before took over.

“Come here.” You said leaning up from the sofa back. As my body moved toward you, you grabbed a handful of my hair and tweaked my head and neck sideways with a tug.

My lips parted, as a pleasurable moan escaped. You silenced it with a hungry, passionate kiss.

Your free hand grabbed the small spaghetti sized strap holding the cups of the bikini-like top together. Two fingers slid beneath the strap upward between my breasts, and with a pull, you watched the cups come together, my breasts smack against each other, and then released to watch them separate.

My hair was released, the hand that was once tangled in its locks slid lovingly across my face before it grabbed my throat.

With a pull of the strap at my chest, and a push of the hand at my neck, you positioned me for your pleasure. Sliding your still slobber sloppy hard cock beneath the strap and into my cleavage, you held me in place by my throat, pulled on your make-shift reins and pumped your hips.

The hot, wet friction of your spit lubricated cock sliding back and forth between my breasts was intoxicating.

“Ah, shit yeah, momma. I’m definitely gonna blow now.”

I wanted you to cum, to get every bit of pleasure you could out of our time together, after all today was about pleasing you, and I had never seen such elation shinning out from your face.

Your grip began to waver as your body neared its climax. Your fingers tightened against my throat as your arm stiffened and trembled. A few thrusts later I was being showered in your cum. My face, neck, and chest all wearing the proof of your satisfaction.

Sliding out of my cleavage, and relaxing your grip against my neck you fell backward into the couch to rest on the cushions.

“Momma, that was….wow.. just …and.. damn.”

“Always happy to make you happy.” I said taking a towel to your art work. “But now it’s your turn.”


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